In this activity a talker will speak 10 unrelated Standard English sentences, and you will try to lipread them one at a time. For each video, you will type in what you thought was said. The software will score your response and will then display the words that you lipread correctly along with the words that were close. Correct words are printed on green and correct words that were close are printed on amber. Red blocks stand for missed words. You will have multiple chances to lipread the sentence and type in your response. The software will score your response each time and display feedback. When you are ready, the software will also print the correct answer and show you the video one last time.

Please type words or parts of words that you think may be correct. The software needs your responses to print out feedback.

On the left side of the demo page are buttons to change settings, review the instructions, and leave the demo. In the settings page, you can change the speed of the video playback, the speed of the feedback animation, and whether close words are displayed as full words or only consonants.

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